"This is 100% real."

-The New York Times

"A well made film."

- The Huffington Post

"I was really impressed by it!"

- Michael Moore (Director of Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11,
Bowling for Columbine)

"It may be the greatest thing I have ever seen."

-Paul Provenza (Director of Aristocrats)

“I was really impressed by it!”

Michael Moore(Director of Sicko)

“It may be the greatest thing I have ever seen.”

Paul Provenza(Director of Aristocrats)

“A well made film.”

The Huffington Post

“This is 100% real.”

The New York Times


Donkey Love

Funny, shocking and controversial, Donkey Love is a documentary that introduces the unknown tradition of Colombians having sex and falling in love with donkeys. It starts off as a rite of passage ritual that fathers initiate with their sons and is carried on into their adulthood where men often end-up cheating on their wives with donkeys. Colombians believe that boys should practice having sex with donkeys to prepare themselves for women, that it makes their penises bigger and also that it prevents them from becoming homosexuals. This cultural practice is so widely accepted in Colombia that musicians have written songs about it, an author has written a book about it and there is even a festival that celebrates it.

Donkey Love has won a Best Documentary Award, a Director’s Choice Award, an Indie Award and 10 Official Selections at film festivals in 4 countries and 3 continents around the world. The film is known as: “The most shocking documentary ever made,” and hit world-wide headlines when it was almost banned in Australia, and is the first film in history to shut down an entire film festival. Donkey Love has been featured on one of Kevin Smith’s SModcast Network podcasts and has been covered in such newspapers as the New York Times and the Huffington Post.